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The Agency 2i IMMOB INVEST network of estate agents in Tunisia since 1999, real estate specialist in Tunis, Les Berges du Lac, the northern suburbs, Hammamet, Djerba Island Zarzis and is listening to you for all your procurement projects or locations.

Its team of real estate professionals in Tunisia will assist you in your administrative and business for all your real estate transactions.

Please contact us for any advice or arrange a visit to one of our properties.

The professional staff of the Agency 2i IMMOB INVEST offers a wide range of services around real estate in Tunisia.

To ensure quality service, we established a Charter which governed all our actions, tips or transactional. Whether you're looking for an apartment or villa to buy in Tunisia or that you have real estate investment projects in Tunisia, we're listening to all your projects.

Our Charter:
The Agency 2i IMMOB INVEST undertakes to inform and protect the interests of its customers,
To facilitate their business processes in the interests of transparency,
To communicate all information available,
To warn them, if any, transactions and risks,
A brief them regularly monitor their ongoing operations,
A guide to companies that offer the best warranties,
To accompany the best in their administrative claims,
A select strictly the property of which it is responsible,
To better manage the rental housing stock of its customers,
To take all initiatives for the maintenance of the property which it is responsible,
To keep confidential information about its customer.

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